Fall soccer and futsal registration is open!

We're pleased to announce that registration is open for our fall 2018 soccer and futsal leagues. Our league will run for at least 10 games (10-game regular season, then playoffs).

Please register now as we will run out of space!

What it costs

Futsal (5-a-side)

Fall futsal will start in early September. We have a per-team ($600) or a per-player fee ($70). (Teams should have at least 10 players on the roster.) We do not want the costs to be a barrier. If you would like to request a full or partial fee waiver, please contact us.

8v8 Soccer

  • We're planning to start soccer in early September. Time is running short so register today! If you don't have a team, register as a free agent. When you register, you can let us know about your experience and skill level. Our soccer league is recreational, with an average level of skill. Slide tackling is not permitted, and we do not enforce the offside rule (we have one referee). If you are a highly skilled, competitive player, this is probably not the best league for you. Contact us if you have questions about this.

How to register

  1. Go to /user and login to your existing account (if you played with us before) or create a new one. You can click "Forgot password" if you need to reset your password.
  2. After you have logged in, you can visit this link to create a registration for a division
  3. After you've submitted your registration, you'll see a blue "Pay by Card" button to complete your registration. If you prefer to pay by cash/check/Venmo, or would like to volunteer in exchange for a reduced or free competition, contact us.

Thank you for joining us this fall!

David & Kosta


How many divisions are there?

We are planning for three or four divisions for futsal. The first two futsal divisions are fairly competitive, the third and fourth are less so.

For soccer, we will have one or two divisions, depending on how many teams sign up.

When and where do you play?

Our futsal venues this fall include Sherwood Park, the W.D. Hill Recreation Center and The Cage at American Tobacco. Futsal games are on weeknights, usually kick off is anywhere between 6:30pm and 8:20pm, and games last for an hour.

We will be playing soccer at a small-sided (80-yard) Durham Parks and Rec field, probably Snow Hill Road Park in north Durham, and possibly also Old North Durham Park near downtown Durham. Our games will be on Saturdays, and will last 90 minutes.

How competitive are the first and second divisions in futsal?

Generally, the first division is very competitive. We have some players with professional experience, numerous players with college experience, and most of the other players have been playing soccer or futsal for many years.

The second division is also competitive, but the pace of play is slower and players with average skills and fitness will feel comfortable in it.

Beginning players who are generally athletic, fit, and competitive will find the third and fourth divisions to their liking, in addition to more experienced players who care more about having fun than in the outcomes of the games.

Places in the first division are limited. The first six or seven places are held for teams that qualified based on the previous season. New teams that wish to play in the first division may need to play in a pre-season qualifying contest. Contact us directly if you want to do this.

Who can play?

Age 16 and up. All divisions are co-ed.