Fall registration is now open for futsal and soccer, too!

There's no offseason in futsal. We're still wrapping up the first and third divisions, but it's time for us to begin registration for the fall.

We will be gathering at Ponysaurus this Thursday to award trophies to our winning teams. Congratulations to:

  • The Minions for winning the third division
  • Barranqueno for winning the second division regular season
  • San Pedro, for winning the second division cup (playoffs)

The first division final will be played this Thursday July 13 at W.D. Hill Recreation Center. Come check it out, and join us at Ponysaurus afterward!

Onward to the fall

Fall futsal will begin after Labor Day, the week of Sept. 4. We're also getting a soccer league going, and we will start in mid-August. The soccer league will be 8v8, on a small-sided field of about 80 yards. It will be played with one referee and no offside rule.

Futsal prices are going up slightly this next season. We have been charging $500 per team, and $65 per player. The new cost will be $550 per team, and $70 per player. Why are the costs going up?

The reasons are as follows:

  • Based on feedback we've received, players would like to have playoffs. The best way for us to do this is to schedule 10-game regular seasons and then start the playoffs. So the additional costs will help cover the extra games.
  • We will also ask the referees to help us with additional administrative duties. If we elevate our expectations, we should pay a bit more.

If we can find sponsors, this would help lower costs. If you know of a local business that would like to sponsor us in the way that JD Service Now has sponsored us for two years, please let us know. And thanks, as always, to JD Service Now!

This fall, we will continue with the venues we've been playing in: The Cage at American Tobacco, Lyon Park, W.D. Hill, and Sherwood Park.

To register for fall soccer and futsal, click here.

Some have asked if we plan to hold a competition during what remains of the summer. The short answer is, we're not sure yet. We have made a proposal to the city for a late-night tournament. If they give us the green light, we will have more information for you.