Spring soccer and futsal registration is open!

Hello everyone,

We're finally open for spring! We're having another outdoor soccer league, which starts soon. The league is a recreational one, intended to be accessible for people of varying skill levels. It's 8v8, with no slide tackling and no enforcement of the offside rule. Games are 70 minutes long, and we will play on the grass fields at Snow Hill Road Park in north Durham.

Futsal starts again, on the week of April 16. Games will be at locations we've used for the winter season: The Cage at American Tobacco, Lyon Park, and W.D. Hill. Any games we can't play at those locations will be played at Sherwood Park.

We also have a need for volunteer location managers. These location managers would work a single shift each week, setting up goals, making sure balls and the scoreboard are present, and checking rosters. After the games, they will break down the goals and deliver the equipment to where they need to go next.

We would love to find 3-5 volunteer managers, and we would be able to waive the registration fee in exchange for this. We'd just need you to be reliable and in possession of a car that can transport the equipment. The time commitment over the course of the season would be about 30 hours.